Public Relations Health Check


Successfully growing your company, building awareness of your brand and driving sales involves consistent effort. Good public relations helps a company engage with its targets in the news media, through its website, on its social platforms and in an experiential manner. Staying relevant today necessitates driving conversations online and in store, creating a robust image and desire for consumers to stay loyal to your brand and become brand ambassadors on their individual social platforms and conversations as influencers. Today’s CEO is required to have a presence as well, cultivating a personal image as a thought leader and compelling figure who is equally engaged with industry and public through speaking platforms, social media and the news media.

How can small and middle market brands stand out in a marketplace dominated by large brands with millions of dollars in their marketing budgets? With smart marketing and nimble public relations, even a modest budget will bring your company value in terms of presenting your company’s most distinguishing characteristics, its inherent value and benefits, whether the product is business-to-consumer or business-to-business driven.

Use the below questions to determine how well you are handling your company’s public relations and identify areas of weakness that are in need of professional expertise. Consistently good public relations has a direct correlation to consistently robust sales:


1) Know Your Target

Who is the audience that you are trying to reach and market your brand towards?


2) “Mobile First”

Are you making the most of social networking platforms to reinforce your brand’s message and deliver content to your target?


3) Tell Your Story

Is your company’s story visible to the public through news media coverage that is creating interest for your brand?


4) Connect With Value

Does your company engage your consumers with concepts and features that benefit them?


5) Content and Community

Are you connected with the community you are targeting, enough to know what content they want and how they'll interact with it?


6) Marketing

Is there enough visibility for your audience to find your site and want to engage with it over your competitors?


If all of the above are happening -- customers known, mobile focus, consistent story angles created and shared thoughtfully with appropriate news media contacts, content, websites and social platforms are kept fresh and relevant, community regularly engaged with -- then congratulate yourself on a job well done. If you aren’t paying attention to and delivering the above factors, your marketing dollars are being wasted. We’re happy to help you optimize your PR and marketing to generate more positive editorial exposure, influencer buzz and bolster sales.

Public relations creates the content and credibility that are needed to sway targets the way influencers in the news media and other platforms do. We are here to make your marketing dollars go further, and to build your business faster.  


For a free public relations assessment contact:


Heidi Raker, Managing Director 

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Ecommerce Health Check-Up Questionnaire


Looking to check your Ecommerce health? These six fundamental areas are the hallmarks of sites that are primed for prime time.


1) Customer First

Do you know what customer your site is catering to and how to target them over any other audience?


2) “Mobile first” and second

Is the mobile version of your site’s design and usability adequate enough for them to have a positive mobile experience?  


3) Function vs. Fun

Does everything on the site work in perfectly with an added layer of unique or “fun” design?


4) Optimize for Conversion/ Follow the Data

What is the single main objective of your site and does it stay relevant as trends come and go?


5) Content and Community

Is your content fresh and exciting enough to keep your target community engaged?


6) Marketing

Does your company have the brand visibility and edge above the competition to drive consumers to be active on your site?


For a free Ecommerce assessment contact:


Heidi Raker, Managing Director                          

RG Narrative

D: 212-863-4108 M: 201-681-5878